Though livelihood in the municipality is not much affected by the ill-effects of pandemic, other members of their families particularly living in the cities who are sending financial assistance, and providing expenses for the schooling of their siblings, our paray and abaca farmers have to strongly face it with God’s grace.

Driven by the will to fight this pandemic and to make both ends meet, this dance tells us the lives of our “paraoma abacaleros”, after rice planting season while expecting a bountiful blessings, comes harvest time. And blessed to be the rice granary of the province with wide area of abaca plantation, there’s no reason for its people to starve.

Depicting the day to day lives of abacaleros, their early morning preparations, the so called “pag-tukad”, “pagtukod ning hag-ot”, “pagdaha”, “paghawan”, “pagsakor”, “pagsupnit”, and “pagbutong” which lasts for a number of days in the mountain and return home for “pagburad” and “engresso”, which is usually followed by a short merry – making and thanksgiving for the blessings they have received, Viganons manifests “Kusog kan Hibla nin Abaca: Burunyog sa Paglaban sa Pandemya for we could graciously regain what has been lost due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

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Posted by Catanduanes Tourism Promotion on Monday, May 24, 2021